Sunday, March 11, 2012

I'm craving a kiss...

Today I am craving a kiss.

There is that sweet moment of the first kiss, the much-needed touch of lips and tongue and breath after an absence, whether it be an hour of running errands or weeks of being miles apart. It's a soft and simple touch, a gentle hello and welcome back. It's a remembrance, a moment to bask in that familiar feeling and be grateful to have it again.

Then there is the second kiss, this one deeper, a stronger hello that basks in the familiar yet lets the excitement build. It's the kiss that tells me how the next one is going to go. Does this second kiss taper off with a little nibble and a smile? Does it end with that "just wait a little while longer" feeling that leaves me both satisfied and sweetly unsatisfied, all at once?

Or does it end with a deep breath and a little bit of a tremble, the sign that more is wanted, needed, sought?

At that moment, certain things go through my mind. Where are we -- is the privacy enough? How much time to we have? How quickly can we get out of these clothes? How soon can we get to the bedroom -- or should we even bother? There is the couch, the floor, the table with the lamp that is the perfect height to bend over and brace myself...

There is the wall behind me, the smooth wall that feels hard against my back as he kisses me the third time, his hand cupping my head, his other hand sliding under my shirt, finding the bare skin that he loves to touch, his tongue sweeping into my mouth and his moan filling my throat -- or is that noise coming from me?

By that time we're both so caught up in the moment that the questions of where or how or time disappear, and there is nothing but that sweet and clean taste of him, the scent of my perfume between us, the feel of fresh linen and cotton underneath my hands, the feel of his long, lean body pressing hard against my softer one and the quiet whispers.

I want you so much.
I can't believe you feel so good...
Do you want it here? Or there?
Let's go to the bedroom...
I have missed you so much...

But there are times when the kisses don't stop, where the urgency to get to the bedroom -- or to just sink down to the floor -- is put on hold for a little while, when the kisses become deeper and sweeter and filled with purpose. Our bodies are aching for more, begging for that sweet release we always pull from each other, but oh, those kisses...those kisses leave us breathless and wanting and almost faint with desire.

That kiss turns me to liquid inside, makes my knees weak, makes my chest ache and makes my whole body feel both light and heavy at the same time. It feels like floating, that moment when my arms are around his shoulders and his hands are on my bare back, pulling me close to him, a moment when time stands still. It is uniquely him, the kiss that only he can bestow, and it gives comfort and sparks desire all at the same time.

It's the kiss that feels like coming home.

That is my favorite kiss. That's the kiss I am craving today.

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