Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What Are You Wearing?

Hey, baby...

What are you wearing right now?

Some skimpy panties? Some handsome boxers? Or is a thong more your style?

What's over that? Are you the suits and tie type? Sundresses and flowers in the hair? How about those jeans that fit just right? Are you a lace and silk kind of girl? Are you a flannel and cotton kind of guy?

But more importantly, what are you wearing to bed?

What does your lover encourage you to pull out of the closet before the lights go out? And what happens when you're in that sexy thing, whatever it might be?

Will you tell me all about it?

Over at the Mischief blog, we're talking about the sexiest things in our closet. What do you think is in mine? Click over there to find out.

And of course, tell us what you wear when it's sexy time!

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