Friday, September 29, 2006


I've been talking a lot lately, schmoozing with my glass of spiked lemonade in hand, and I've met some great people. A few of those great meetings turned into good interviews, and here they are, if you get the urge to read my ramblings:

Carrie White of Hentracks recently interviewed me, and I talked her ear off. Here's the link. And while you are there, it would be a travesty if you didn't check out the rest of her site. I have wandered over it more than a few times, and I enjoy every corner.

Interview with Carrie White

I also talked with A Slip of a Girl (Isn't that a clever name?!) for her blog. This blog focuses on lingerie, mostly of the vintage variety, and it's the kind of place that makes you want to drench yourself in satin and silk. I dished with her about lingerie and all sorts of other goodies:

A Slip of a Girl Interview

Both fine ladies also excerpted a few of my stories. Both "The Photographer" and "Better Than Brazil" are available on Tit-Elation! Here are the excerpts:

The Photographer

Better Than Brazil


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