Saturday, June 09, 2007

Celebrity Dating 101

This month on The Learning Curve, I talk about the paparazzi-riddled world of celebrity dating...

"When you date a celebrity, your life is no longer your own. Check your bags at the door, because once you’re in the public eye, you will never get away from it again, as long as you both shall live.

Anyone who has ever picked up a tabloid knows the downsides are obvious. Every move you make is scrutinized. Every word you ever said, to anyone at all, is a potential blurb in a gossip column. If you have any scandal in your background, it will be dragged into the light and held up for anyone who cares to look. You will be judged on your outfit, your weight, your hair, your eye color, and the kind of car you drive. You will be followed when you are out on dates, you will be discussed in chat rooms by strangers who think they know you intimately, and you will learn quickly who your true friends are. More importantly, and much more painfully, you will learn who your true friends aren’t..."

But then there are the upsides...and that's just the beginning! Visit For the Girls to read my monthly column.

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