Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Good Reviews Make Me Happy

Check out this praise for my story "And the Award Goes To...," now available in the Erotika: Bedtime Stories anthology:

When attending a nationally televised awards show, famous attendees must be aware of the ever present public eye, the flashing photo ops, and possibility of scandal.

For some stars, this might be an opportunity for an arousing game of sexual chance - the excitement heightened by the fact that a miscue could result in front page material, plastered across the checkout lines of the world. How far will they go?

That's a question that author Gwen Masters puts forth in her enticing wordplay for
Erotika: Bedtime Stories, a new collection of sensual stories just released by Sensorotika Press. The action Gwen depicts on the floor of the Country Music Awards is so real that one wonders if she hasn't been seated at the CMAs herself at some point. It's a backstage look at just what happens in the limos that speed away from such events that never backs down and never disappoints.

Makes one wonder, indeed. *wink*

To read an excerpt from the story and get the book, go here.

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