Friday, July 13, 2007

The Open Road Contest Winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered the Open Road Writing Contest! The entries were all filled with down and dirty smut, which is just what we were hoping to read. All entries were blinded, printed and then taken to bed, where we read through each and every one.

The choice came down to three entries. This was the one that came out on to speak. *wink*

T. S. Addison will receive a prize package with all sorts of goodies in it! The next contest is coming soon, so you'll have another chance to win great prizes.

Congratulations to T. S.! And now, on to the story...

One Hot Ride
By T. S. Addison

The engine hummed its way up to a roar as the sleek silver bullet shot out of a turn. Tires squealed as it broke into the straightaway. The power of four hundred horses thrummed through the chassis and right into the center of me, right there between my legs. His hand slid up my thigh as the speedometer slid into the red.

My hand slid up his thigh, clutching his gearshift through his slacks. As I squeezed, his foot pressed harder on the gas, and he grew harder beneath by fingers. Under my skirt, he reached my pussy to find nothing blocking his way, not even soft, fluffy fur. That morning, I’d decided to go bare just for giggles.

Between the feel of the engine through the chassis and the stroke of his fingers between my smooth lips, I was dripping wet and ready for more. I tugged down his zipper and plunged my hand inside to find my hard, hot prize. I gripped his cock tightly. He moaned.

“Pull over. Now,” I ordered, cupping the head of his dick in my hand and giving it a squeeze.

He pulled his hand away from my sopping pussy and grabbed the steering wheel. He whipped the convertible off the highway and down a dirt road, dust filling the sky behind us. Another turn of the wheel and he slammed down on the brake, sliding to a stop in a small grove of oaks.

Still gripping his cock, I leaned over and whispered in his ear, “Leave the motor running.” I released him, jumped from the car and hopped onto the hood. He was out just as quickly, in more ways than one. He’d undone his pants and let them slide down. Now that’s a cock, I thought as he approached me.

My skirt was up, and the engine throbbed beneath my ass. I raised an eyebrow as I leaned back on my elbows and spread my legs. He smiled at my bare cunt, leaned forward and ran his tongue between the lips, flicking the clit rapidly. He closed his lips around it and sucked. Oh, Lord, I couldn’t wait any longer.

“Fuck me!” I commanded.

He didn’t have to be told twice. Giving my dripping pussy one last lick, he straightened up, grasped my legs in strong hands and drove that gorgeous cock deep into me with one thrust. Yes! The engine vibrated my ass as he drew back, then plunged forward, deeper this time. His balls slapped against me as he set his pace, stroking back and forth. He brought his dick to the brink of popping out only to drive it home, again and again.

We both groaned in delight as he pounded away. It was more than I could stand – the engine sending tremors throughout me, his cock spearing me, his balls rhythmically slapping against my ass, my pussy flooded with my juice.

“Come,” I pleaded. “Come with me.”

He stroked faster, harder, the head of his prick slamming into me. I could feel his tension building as I quivered, my pussy going into spasms, gripping him and relaxing, gripping again and relaxing. I felt his hot come splash into me, mixing with my own juices. He buried his fingers in my ass cheeks as he held on for life, his cock buried as deep in me as possible. I felt his spasms finally ease, then stop. He let go of my ass, putting his hands on the hood to brace himself.

Slowly, he withdrew and fell back on the car hood beside me. We both lay there for a moment, catching our breath and basking in relief. I turned my head to look at him. I hadn’t seen a smile that big in a long time. I slid off the hood and pulled down my skirt. Running fingers through my hair, I turned to face him, his slacks still around his ankles, his dick lying against his right thigh.

“So, what do you think?” I asked. “Do you want this one, or would you like to test drive the red one?

-- T.S. Addison lives in the Ozarks, writing about the joys of life, love and -- every now and then -- lust. A veteran journalist and columnist by day, at night T.S. is an explorer of the sensuous and currently is working on a short-story collection.

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