Friday, October 26, 2007

A Great Review for the "He's On Top" Anthology

Rachel Kramer Bussel edited He's on Top: Erotic Stories of Male Dominance and Female Submission, and I am thrilled that she included my story, "Confession." Now Blowfish has given the book a fantastic review (and they seem to like my story, too!):

How much hotter is the humiliation when you know she wants it? Celebrating the romance of BDSM from the male top's perspective, the mindfuckery in He's on Top makes perfect fare for kinky newbies, couples and longtime play partners. Penned with mutually empowered perspectives in mind, each tale reminds us that power-play can indeed be safe, sane and consensual, reliant on more than props and rote scenarios. Andrea Dale's "On the Twelfth Day" counts down the days to Christmas with progressively kinkier pain-inducing tasks and toys, while the couple in Shanna Germain's "The Sun is an Ordinary Star" morph a woman's cancer recovery into a brilliant way to transcend pain in ways that can be controlled. The psychological twists, rape fantasy and sexplay in Gwen Masters' "Confession" reinvigorate a couple's previously vanilla relationship. All of the power exchanges in this anthology put less emphasis on the brute, more on the force. A bittersweet collection for those who love the kinkier side of sex.(2007, 177 pp)

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