Thursday, October 11, 2007

Test Drive, Lease, or Buy?

This month at For the Girls, I'm talking about men...and cars.

“You would never buy a car without a test drive, right? A man is the same way. Take him for a little spin. See how he feels. Take him around the block. Do wicked things to him, and with him, and see how he holds up. By the time you’re done, you know if you like him or not. Then you have the decision on whether to walk away from him, lease him, or buy him.” She grinned. “Men objectify women all the time. What’s wrong with deciding whether a guy is a hot rod or a lemon?”

What do you have? A sexy yet reliable Cadillac? Or perhaps a Corvette with a souped-up engine and a wild streak?

As for me, well...I'm all about the bad-ass Hummer type...

Men are like cars, and so are the dating choices: Test Drive? Lease? Buy? Or perhaps go with the ever-popular but commitment-shy Rental?

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