Tuesday, January 08, 2008

"One Breath at a Time" is Available NOW!

My latest novel, One Breath at a Time, is available TODAY all over the UK! You can get it at your favorite bookstore, or you can save yourself all that trouble and just get it online by clicking here.

Here's the blurb:

Kelley is a woman with a broken heart. She doesn't need another complication in her life, and certainly not another man. But when she stumbles across Tom, the things she thought she didn't want are exactly what she needs. As they fall for each other and embark on a compelling journey through dominance and submission, both lovers strive to shake away their dark pasts. But is blinding passion enough to keep them from being ripped apart?

And here's a preview:

Tom opened the gate and I drove through. I watched him in the rearview mirror. His jeans were slightly tighter than they should have been, perfect to show off that toned rear and thick thighs. His shirt was button-down, an expensive designer number that fit across his shoulders as if it had been tailored especially for him. I had been very surprised to see the tag, and silently calculated what that shirt must have cost.

‘Considering I only have three shirts that are suitable for going out like this, I think the expense was worth it,’ he teased. And he wasn’t kidding. The dressy clothes in his closet were few and far between. This was a man who was comfortable in his own skin, with his own style, and no need to answer to anyone but himself.

‘You are gorgeous in that,’ I said to him now as he climbed into the truck.

‘Maybe I should buy designer clothes more often.’

‘You’re gorgeous in anything. And out of anything.’

‘Somebody’s horny.’

I smiled and turned the truck toward my house on the other side of town. The sun was going down; streetlights were flickering to life. Tom rode quietly, his hand on my thigh, watching every move I made. At the first red light, he unbuckled my seat belt.

‘Hey,’ I breathed in mock protest.

His hand slipped between my legs.

Tom’s fingers pressed hard against my crotch, pushing the cotton of my leggings against my pussy. I was already wet. I relaxed my thighs and leaned back in the seat. Tom took the opportunity to push harder between my open legs.

The light changed to green and I drove on. Tom moved his hand away, leaving me aching for more. He gently flipped the compass hanging from the rearview mirror. He opened my glove compartment and leisurely explored the papers and CDs he found in there. He studied my registration. He turned on the radio to see what station I had been listening to, then turned it off again.

We came to another light.

This time Tom wasted no time. His hand slipped down the front of my pants. I opened my legs and he slid a finger deep into my pussy. Slowly he began to slide it in and out, fucking me with it while I bit my lip and tried to look as though nothing was wrong. The man on my left wasn’t paying any attention, but the woman in the turn lane was looking our way. Tom gave her a wicked smile and slid two fingers into me, pushing up hard on that magic spot that made me horny as hell. I leaned my head back against the seat.

A car honked from behind me. My eyes snapped open, and Tom’s hand disappeared. The light was green.

‘Fuck,’ I murmured, and hit the gas.

Tom busied himself with picking my purse up from the floorboard. He unzipped it and started looking through it, completely ignoring me. He pulled out the lipstick and twirled it up and down. A notepad, a tube of lip balm, a few pens – all seemed to be of interest. He pulled out a wrapped tampon and grinned before pushing it back down to the bottom. He studiously ignored my wallet but pulled out photographs that he found in a side pocket. He flipped through them slowly but didn’t say a single word.

When I came to a stop at the next light, he was on me.

His tongue slipped into my mouth, hungry and punishing. He bit hard on my bottom lip. One hand went under my shirt while the other went between my legs. He pinched one nipple while two fingers slammed into my cunt, lifting my hips off the seat. I let out a squeal of delight. His lips trailed back to my ear, where he bit down again before he whispered.

‘I’m going to fuck you in public. You know that, don’t you? This is just a warm up. One day I’m going to strip you down and spread your legs and give complete strangers a damn good show. You would do that for me, wouldn’t you?’

‘Fuck, yes,’ I growled.

His hands disappeared, and I was left dazed.

‘Drive,’ he ordered.

If you want more, you've got to get the book!

The book can also be preordered here. Though it's out in the UK right now, it will be released everywhere in March.

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