Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Surviving Mr. Right

I spent a lot of time in the Dating Game, and all of those ups and downs were chronicled in my Learning Curve Column at For the Girls. But one day the dating game ends, and then the real games begin!

Surviving Mr. Right is my new column at For the Girls. This month I'm talking about taking that leap from being a single person to a not-so-single person, adjusting to the little quirks, and realizing your world isn't just about you anymore. Here's a preview:

I stared at him in disbelief. A grown man left cereal in bowls around the house? Why hadn’t I ever seen this at his house when I spent a few days? It was one of those things I would have to live with, because even though he swore he would never do it again, a few days later I discovered a bowl of something – what, I’m still not sure – on the bedside table...

To read "Cornflakes in the Office (and other Adjustments)" click here.


Ashley Ladd said...

LOL. Welcome to real, grown up life. Although, I'm not so sure that sounds grown up. My hubby does that. My father would have a caniption if my mom even left her purse out much less a dirty dish.

Gwen Masters said...

My kids almost caught the rap for that cereal bowl, and then he admitted he was the one who did it...I honestly didn't know what to say! I'm used to it now, though. I hope he's used to the empty Coke cans I leaving sitting on the kitchen counter. *grin*