Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Moment of Reflection

What a wild ride this year has been...

I considered writing a long blog post about the things that have happened this past year, but there are just too many things to say and not enough space to say them. There have been medical scares, devastating losses, new beginnings, bright horizons and significant change. More change than I have ever experienced before.

In fact, if there was a theme to 2011, it would have to be "change."

Some of those changes were frightening. Some were sad. Some were challenging. But thankfully, most of them -- the majority of them -- were sweet and good, the kind of change that makes better things grow.

So tonight, I leave 2011 behind with a humble gratitude. This year has taught me so much and brought unexpected gifts. Now I am ready to take those cherished gifts with me as I move into a new year filled with promise.

What are the themes of 2012? Discovery. Exploration. Love.

Here's to a beautiful journey!


Kenny said...

I am SO happy to see you happy! It's about time, too. Good for you, kid.

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous house! It looks like a castle! A castle fit for a princess. I agree, it's about time.

Sarah said...

Hey...Remember what we said when we were kids?

"You are braver than you believe
You are stronger than you seem
You are smarter than you think"

...and you ARE.

You deserve to have something finally go YOUR way. Grab onto this goodness and hold on tight! It will be a great 2012!