Thursday, November 09, 2006


An Excerpt from my story, "Longevity":

We just looked at each other, the belt swinging between us.

“I read them, Jasmine,” he said. “I read them all. All those fantasies about being
a whore. About taking on more than one man. About masturbating in front of a
room full of people. About being punished. You want to be tied up, don’t you? You want to be forced to do things? I never dreamed my wife had such a submissive streak in her.”

I wanted to hide behind my hands like a little child who has been caught doing something bad. It took all the fortitude I had to look him in the eye as he went on.

“I read them. They got me hard. In fact, they did more than that.” John gave me a slow smile.

“They made me come, Jasmine. Want to see?”

He flipped the papers toward me. They were stapled together and flapped like a wounded bird. They landed on the bed and immediately I could see the stains. The dark spots where he had—

“Oh, my God,” I breathed.

John nodded. “You like that, baby? Knowing your fantasies made your husband

I reached for the papers. He stepped forward and swept them out from under my hands. He snapped the belt against the side of the bed and I gasped in surprise. Before I had time to register what was happening, his hand shot out and twisted in my hair.

“Get on your knees,” he whispered into my ear. “You’re going to touch yourself for me. And I’m going to punish you for it. And I’m going to come while I do it. I’m willing to bet you’re going to come while I do it, too.”

Breathing became an effort. I couldn’t look at him any longer. Emotions warred within me, and my eyes blurred with tears. I wanted this so badly but I was so embarrassed, so caught off-guard. John gently laid the belt across my thigh and whispered again, this time with more gentleness than I could stand.

“I want this,” he said. “Now I know you want it, too. There’s nothing wrong with this, Jasmine. Don’t you know that?”

I shook my head and to my chagrin, a small sob broke free. When I expected John to take me into his arms, he instead pushed on my shoulder and rolled me to the center of the bed. “Get on your knees.”

I got on my knees.

John moved around behind me. The belt buckle clicked a bit with every motion of his hand. I flinched when he carefully laid the belt across the small of my back. He slapped it gently against my skin. It didn’t hurt; in fact it felt delightfully good. He slapped the leather against my skin a second time. Anticipation began to edge in along with the embarrassment. He really did want to do this.

“Show me,” he said. I hesitated. The belt came down harder, this time a bit of a sting right across the top of my buttocks.

“Do it,” he growled.

I reached between my legs. I touched just the inside of my thighs at first, still scared to show John what I did when I was alone. I was stunned when I heard him moan. He had never sounded quite like that before. Completely forgetting all my inhibitions, I turned to look at him.

My husband was staring at me with an impossible look of raw lust. His eyes trailed from my hands to my thighs to the belt that rested across my hips. Finally he looked me full in the face. For a silent moment we stared at each other, as if seeing one another for the first time in twenty years.

I closed my eyes and slowly slid my hand up the inside of my thigh.

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goodness, that is hot! As I have a bit of a spanking fetish...

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