Friday, August 31, 2007

The Sexiest Proposal Contest Winner!

We had an even bigger response to the Sexiest Proposal Writing Contest than we expected! The number of entries topped one hundred and far surpassed those for the Open Road Writing Contest.

The winner will receive a prize package filled with autographed books, promotional items, great music CDs for inspiration, a t-shirt or two, and an Amazon gift certicate, among other delightful things!

All entries were blinded and judged by us -- yours truly and my naughty husband. This was the one that made our hearts pound, made our bodies tingle, and made us smile with remembrances of our own proposal.

Congratulations, Tsera!

E Duos Unum
by Tsera Fey

A hundred candles burned throughout the bedroom, but the warm orange light could not penetrate the black velvet blindfold covering Heather's eyes. She could smell the mingled scents – vanilla, jasmine, rose, and a dozen others dancing in their heat to create one comforting, mystical scent. The heat of the small flames was unable
to fend off the sharp, cold air blowing in through the open window. It caused goose bumps to rise on her arms, chest, and flat belly, and the nipples atop her full breasts to swell and tighten.

Heather didn't remember how long she'd been tied to the bed, nor did she care. Logan had led her into the bedroom, ordered her to strip, and tied her efficiently to the bed's four posters with velvet rope. The blindfold had come next without a word or a touch.

She wriggled impatiently. Her arousal grew, but any attempt to mitigate it only made it fiercer. With her eyes closed and the only other sound being the whispered sigh of the wind, Heather could hear her racing heart thunder against her breast, echoing and rippling in the growing moisture between her spread legs.

"We're going to play a game." Logan's strong voice drove the cold back momentarily as a wave of warm desire washed through her. The steel of authority surprised her; his voice was usually light and ready to laugh. It made the knot of desire tighten deep in her belly. "I have a number of items here, and you have to guess what each one is by touch. Some will be easy, and some will be difficult."

She could feel Logan's piercing blue eyes on her. She could sense him next to the bed. The vitality of his lean, toned body was a beacon in her blindness. The dark, musky scent of his arousal lay stealthily beneath the candles'. She struggled against the bonds again, but this time in an attempt to diffuse some of the energy building in her.

She almost didn't notice the first object, so light was the touch. It seemed to coalesce from the wind, a whisper emerging from the silence to glide around the curve of her left breast and down the center of her stomach.

"A feather," she said quickly, excitement building.

"Very good," he said. She could hear the satisfaction in his voice and it thrilled her.

They had experimented with light bondage in the past, but nothing more than tying the other's hands to the headboard. She'd been turned on those few times by the feeling of helplessness and being under Logan's control. The tone of his voice reminded her of those nights. She craved those sensation now, tied spread-eagle to the bed in which they'd made love so many times.

While her mind wandered, a dagger of intense cold seemed to explode just above her slick cleft. She bucked and writhed against the overwhelming sensation, but Logan's hand was steady. The cold slipped tendrils down over her sensitive nether lips, tearing a scream from her throat.


"Good," he said calmly as he helped her settle back down, though the ice remained. Heather's breath was ragged, coming in short gasps as the ice continued to melt on her hot flesh.

She must not have noticed Logan climb onto the bed. She could feel him looming above her and without warning, the warm, thick flesh of his cock was pressed against the freezing flames of her cleft. Before she could call out the name of this new object, it glided into her. The air rushed out of her lungs in a moan of pleasure and hunger. Logan filled her steadily until he could reach no deeper. The ice was gone, then it was in her mouth, quenching her parched lips.

Unmoving, Logan's member flexed deep inside her. Heather writhed on that glorious manhood, wanting, needing to feel it move within her. She thought she might go mad if she didn't feel friction between her pussy and Logan's cock, didn't feel the familiar sensation of his pulsing member so very deep in her core.

Heather felt the last object on her left nipple. It was small and hard. She gained a measure of control over herself as she concentrated on this new puzzle. It didn't feel cold or hot. It didn't cause pain, nor did it induce pleasure. It was a nondescript sensation spiraling slowly outward from her turgid nipple. She hadn't the slightest clue what it could be. The object continued its way down her left arm, danced a spiral on the inside of her elbow, and drifted lazily down her forearm. Heather was still at a loss.

"Aren't you going to guess?" She could hear the amusement in Logan's voice.

"I... I don't know," she babbled as Logan opened the hand that had been gripping the velvet rope tightly since they'd begun. He began to move within her. The trail continued onto her open hand, drawing a spiral on her palm.

"Please," she whimpered, trying to grind her hips down onto his probing member.

The object disappeared. A heartbeat later, something was being put on the ring finger of her left hand.

"A ring?" Confusion and elation swirled in her stomach. She barely noticed that Logan had begun thrusting repeatedly into her hot, slippery cleft. He was stretching, reaching above her. The velvet rope came loose from her left hand. A moment later the blindfold was gone.

Heather looked at the object on her ring finger and tears welled in her eyes. Sitting atop a gold band, three diamonds caught the orange light of the candles and refracted them into a million rainbows.

"Logan..." she breathed. Her arms and legs were free now. She looked up into the pools of his smiling blue eyes and thought her heart might burst. She wrapped her arms and legs around him, drawing him into her embrace, into her body.

"Yes!" she cried in ecstasy as she and Logan became one.

Though having been writing erotica for several years, Tsera has just recently gone public. A busy schedule doesn't provide nearly enough free time for this aspiring eroticist's over-active imagination, however. Writing erotica provides an escape from the stresses of every day life, a way to unwind, and a way to safely explore those hidden corners of the soul.

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