Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dating and the Single Mother

This month on For the Girls, my Learning Curve column is all about dating and the single mother:

"You’re going to deal with a hell of a lot more than nerves on that big date night. First, what to do with the little ones? If you happen to have a family member nearby who loves to spend time with your kids, you’re in luck. If not, you have to secure a babysitter, preferably one who looks clean-cut, can offer a gazillion references and actually likes to play Candyland for three hours at a time. You will pay any amount of money for this peace of mind. If the babysitter knows this, your bank account is in trouble..."

Read more of this and all of my monthly columns at For the Girls. (Adults only, subscription required, worth every penny!)

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Alana said...

Thanks, Gwen! So happy to know you're writing about single moms and the wooly world of dating. Congrats on the column too. Peace.