Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Clean Sheets Reviews "One Breath at a Time"

Gary Meyer of Clean Sheets has just reviewed my latest novel, One Breath at a Time, which he calls "wall-to-wall, explosive, virtuoso sex."

Here's a bit more:
Kelley and Tom's redemptive sex is much rougher than a mere bodice-ripping or two. Here Masters makes a major educational contribution by illustrating that rough sex doesn't have to mean crude or careless sex: forceful doesn't have to be brutal. She observes that negotiation isn't a onetime surrender, but an ongoing process. These lessons, as well as the concept of a safeword, are seamlessly integrated into the action. Tom checks in often to ascertain how Kelley's doing. In addition to a safeword, Kelley and Tom have a goword: "Please."

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