Monday, March 02, 2009

Updates...Lots of Them!

Where to begin?

Erotica Revealed gave Bedding Down: A Collection of Winter Erotica a fantastic review! They loved many of the stories in the collection, and they had this to say about my bit:

“Six Weeks on Sunrise Mountain, Colorado” by Gwen Masters is literally a cliff-hanger. The plot premise (celebrity recluse rescues the journalist who tracked him down in the wilderness) is one of the most unusual and dramatic in the book. Here is the first meeting of the hermit on the mountain and the woman who has risked her life to find him:

He found the woman at the foot of the ravine. Even in the moonlight, she looked pale as a ghost. Blood covered her forehead and a bruise was already flowering under her right eye.

Luckily, healing of various kinds takes place during six weeks of hibernation in a snowbound cabin, when the man and woman come to know each other.

If you're interested in reading Bedding Down, get it here.

And on to another anthology - this one Do Not Disturb: Hotel Sex Stories. My story "Memphis" is among the offerings in this collection. I did an interview about the story and sexy hotels on Rachel Kramer Bussel's blog - go here to read it.

And finally, a few of my short stories are popping up in other collections, too:

"Secrets in Turkey Bay" can be found in the latest edition of the Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica...

And "Rush" can be found in the new Black Lace Seduction anthology.

Much more to come!

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Jeremy Edwards said...

Hi, Gwen. Congratulations on your current crop of appearances! I've just begun reading Do Not Disturb, and I'm very much looking forward to a sultry night in Memphis, courtesy of your spellbinding erotic storytelling.